Monday, February 07, 2005


have any of u out there felt extremely unsatisfied with something...anything...the service at the bank, the price of chicken, ur new hairstyle, ur girlfren, the quality of the new m&ms...and then u thought to urself. "I need to do something about it". so u went to the little blue suggestion box stuck on the wall in a small dark corner or hidden behind the fierce-looking security guard. picked up one of those complaint forms. put down all ur dissatisfaction until ur ink dried up. and then u realised..."who am i one will take any actions. who likes to read about their own weaknesses. in fact the complaint form might just be left in the box until the building is demolished 30 years from now".

so y complain?? but if u dun complain u're just bottling up all the anger and one day u might just explode.

that's how i feel. so to keep my sanity, i decided to play around with this new technology (new to me at least) and put down all my thoughts. what do i hope to get out of this?? practise my english...and typing skills...and maybe help to make the society start thinking about all these things.